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  1. Anup Gupta

    Hello Sir,
    I am using Unity 5.3.5p1 and using MaterialUI v1.1.3.
    we added a lot of features like NavDrawer, AppBar, vector images in our game for clean smooth animations.
    we made and build for Android and IOS, So i we click on a button(rippleeffect), inputfield, or NavDrawer(opening) the FPS drops considerably which is not at all good.
    Any ideas from you what can be done for this..or did you guys face any such issue.

    1. admin

      Hi there,

      We’re currently aware of some performance issues in MaterialUI, and are working to resolve them over the next few versions 🙂

      ~ Declan.

      PS. A great place to go for support is the MaterialUI forum –

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