Vertical scroll view with horizontal tab group inside of it

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I have a vertical scroll view with a horizontal Tab group inside of it (Both are limited to only move horizontal or vertically respectively). I want to be able to swipe vertically while on the Tab group and still move the vertical scroll view.

Right now the behavior I see is that depending on where you press to start the swipe. If you land on the vertically scroll view, you will only be able to scroll vertically. If you press on the Tab group, you can only swipe horizontally.

I appreciate any feedback on settings or whatnot to help remedy the issue.

Let me know if there additional details I can provide.

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Hi Jay,

If you check out the TabView example scene, you'll see a DragEventSender component attached to the scrollview inside the TabView. If you add one of these to your TabView and set the horizontal (TabView) and vertical (ScrollRect) objects, then you will be able to scroll either component, depending on the initial direction of the swipe.

Hope that helps!

~ Declan.
commented Mar 21, 2017 by jay (200 points)
Thank you so much, it works!!
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