Adding screens at runtime

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asked Mar 31, 2016 in Help by Brammel

Im trying to dynamically create screens at runtime, and then wish to swap between them using the screenview.

I noticed however that screenview doesnt update its screens at runtime, nor is there an "AddScreen" function.


I tried adding it to the m_MaterialScreens array, but with no success.


Could you inform me what steps i could perform to achieve this?

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answered Apr 4, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
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Hey there,

Unfortunately, this isn't currently supported with MaterialUI. I have added it to the list of features we're aiming to include in v1.2.0, but I can't give an eta at this point.

What I could suggest doing (which may work, depending on your use case) is to create multiple objects (whatever you were going to put in the new screens) under an existing, non-active screen, and handle the disabling/enabling of your different sets of objects per screen. This will still allow you to have the transitions that come with the ScreenView, but you could still generate objects at runtime.

Hope that helps :)

~ Declan.
commented Oct 3, 2017 by jope52 (240 points)
I would also like to have this feature.
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