iOS issues - Buttons and Screen Headers

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asked Aug 9, 2016 in Issue by raydekk (530 points)
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I've just made a build for iOS using Unity 5.3.6p2 and Material UI 1.1.5 and the buttons look like this: 

They look very different from what's in the editor. 

Also the screen headers look like they are semi transparent: 

Any idea what could cause this? Should I use a different Unity version?


commented Aug 10, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
also would it be possible to get a copy of material UI 1.1.3? I had no idea this wouldn't work on iOS, after testing it on Android and the Editor and don't have my old one saved.

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answered Aug 16, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
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Hey :)

I've been able to reproduce the issue of gray buttons on iOS!
It's because the UI textures get compressed. So in order to fix this, simply go to MaterialUI/Images/RoundedSquare_Stroke/ and change all the textures here from Compressed Format to True Color.
We should also do that on all other UI sprites we have, but I'll have to check first.
You can at least do that for buttons for now so you don't have the issue, and it should be fixed with the next version :)

PS: Obviously, same thing with your screen header. Find what sprites it is using and change it to True Color.

~ Yohan
commented Aug 16, 2016 by d
This made the outlines black when I switch it back to Android..
commented Aug 17, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)

Can you show this to me in a picture please? Thanks.
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answered Aug 9, 2016 by d
I am experiencing the same problem. Also, I am experiencing very low framerates on iOS - do you have the low framerate problem as well?
commented Aug 10, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
I only tested it on an iphone 6, and it seemed to have a slight lag - but it's still a pretty top end phone so I can't really say.
commented Aug 10, 2016 by d
I am on an iPhone 6+ and it has major lag with lists
commented Aug 10, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
how large are your lists? I have one with ~350 items, but mine is a list of simple buttons (only text), a screen with a panel and a search InputField - all about 22 batches in the editor statistics
commented Aug 11, 2016 by d
My lists are very small - about 20 or so items, but the ripple effect it lags with even 3 items. The is a noticeable lag that I do not have on Android or in the editors. Do your ripple effects on lists not lag when you test them on the iPhone?
commented Aug 12, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
Well, I don't have that lag, but when one of the list items is touched, a new screen appears from the right and covers the entire list
commented Aug 15, 2016 by d
How about scrolling up and down the list?
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